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Prospect uses the same data VCs use to give you an independent third party projection of what your equity is likely to be worth. Find the next Stripe, Airbnb, or Coinbase today.

Why a growth stage startup over FAANG?

Joining a breakout success creates a strong tailwind for your career: you learn the right lessons from a successful startup, you work with great people who create a strong network, you have a major success on your resume, and, of course, the equity can make you wealthy. The trick is picking the right company.

You want to be compensated for the risk you are taking by joining a startup and being partially compensated in equity rather than cash or publicly traded stock. We have looked at the historical data and believe companies that have raised a Series B round or later offer the best risk-reward tradeoff.

You could join Google after its Series B before moving on to Facebook like Sheryl Sandberg. Or join Stripe after its Series C before heading to Open AI like James Dyett. Or work at Uber after its Series E before joining Ramp like Emily Jorgens. There are thousands of these career altering moves, from the famous Sandbergs to your old coworker on the fast track.

Image showing growith since series C: Stripe - 10x, Airbnb - 33x, Uber - 25x

Used for job searches by employees from top tech startups

Why join these companies specifically?

At Prospect, we combine quantitative research and qualitative insights from industry experts to identify startups with the highest growth potential. We have built and backtested a predictive model that considers a wide range of inputs, including fundraising and valuation data, investor quality, growth metrics, founder and employee backgrounds, and more. We then validated the model’s outputs by surveying top investors and operators in these industries. We help you find the next breakout hit and avoid the buzzy unicorn that doesn’t have the traction to back up its valuation.

We've looked at every company in the US that has raised from a top 500 VC. We distilled our list to the top 2% and expect that every company listed on Prospect will grow at least 2X from their current valuation over the next 4 years.

No one–not even the best investors–can tell you exactly what will happen in four years. But we can take a systematic approach that drastically improves your odds. These odds are high enough that you can take a few swings and get a hit that will dramatically accelerate your career development and earnings.

A graph showing that the companies identified by Prospect have better outcomes than the baseline

Ready for your next big career move?

Prospect curates the most comprehensive list of top performing startups. Find the next Stripe, Airbnb, or Coinbase today.

My last job search was overwhelming and time consuming, but Prospect made it super easy to cut through the noise. I quickly found growing startups fighting climate change in the Bay Area and am so happy at Watershed.

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I’m not a VC so it’s tough to know which startups are actually going to do well. Using Prospect turned confusing job offers into a no brainer decision.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Our CEO and cofounder Billy Gallagher was the first reporter to cover Snapchat and DoorDash, analyzing their potential as a writer at TechCrunch. He then worked on the investing team at Khosla Ventures, a top venture capital firm. He used the same approach we have built into Prospect for a job search in 2018, ultimately joining Rippling (a Sequoia-backed startup valued at $11 billion) as employee 34.

Our founding data scientist, Ben Martin, built the first consumer-facing pricing model at Opendoor, a publicly traded real estate company that uses data science to predict home prices.

Our technical cofounder, Sam Kennedy, was the founding engineer at Osmind, a Series B startup backed by top investors including Y Combinator and General Catalyst.

We are backed by top investors like Construct Capital and founders from Anduril, Ramp, Anrok, and others.

Images of the former companies of the founding team - Khosla Ventures, Osmind, Rippling, and Opendoor